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About Ability Van Rentals

Founded in 2003, Ability Van Rentals was created in response to customers of M.C. Mobility System’s needing wheelchair accessible vans for rent.  At the time, services were only available in Northeast Ohio, but soon were made available throughout the state of Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana.

A Partnership That Delivers Assurance

The relationship between Ability Van Rentals and M.C. Mobility Systems is an advantage for not only each organization, but also the customer.  This connection gives Ability Van Rentals access to the best wheelchair accessible vans on the market, as well as the capabilities to install hand controls and seat bases for customers.  While many other rental firms have lower quality vans and lack maintenance, Ability Van Rentals assures every customer that our vans are top of the line in quality and reliability.

We Have Your Transport Solution

Whether you are going through rehabilitation, replacing a vehicle that has been in an accident, or are simply traveling to the great state of Ohio, Ability Van Rentals has your transportation solution.  We have vans readily available for the day, a week, a month, or longer, ensuring that you have 24-hour transportation for all your needs. Ability Van Rentals is happy to provide pick-up and delivery of our vehicles and 24-hour emergency assistance.

Want to buy a wheelchair accessible van?

Click the link below to visit M.C. Mobility’s website and view their large selection of wheelchair accessible vans.

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