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Mobility travel made easy. Rear-entry wheelchair vans are a perfect fit.

Rear-entry wheelchair vans make things like parking in smaller spaces a breeze, and they are also a less expensive rental option. If you plan on driving or sitting in the front row of your vehicle, a rear-entry van won’t work as well for you. But if someone else handles the driving, and you need a space-saving option, then you need a rear-entry wheelchair van rental from Ability Van Rentals.

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No more worrying about a tight space. Rear-entry vans make parking a snap.

Parking a wheelchair van in a tight space can cause anxiety. If you don’t have room next to your vehicle, a side-entry wheelchair van can present a logistics nightmare. But a rear-entry vehicle makes it easy. And the rear entry design enables you to take full advantage of the room in your wheelchair van’s cabin. Enjoy the economic benefits of a lower cost option as well. Let us help you find your rear-entry wheelchair van option today.

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Ability Van Rentals makes renting easy. Get moving with a rear-entry van rental today.

No matter how long you’ll be enjoying our rear-entry wheelchair van rentals, one thing is for sure- you’ll experience the best service and dependability in the mobility vehicle rental industry with Ability Van Rentals. With complimentary services like pick-up and delivery and 24-hour assistance, you’ll be glad you chose Ability Van Rentals for your wheelchair van needs in Ohio.

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